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Chivalry Essay Example

Chivalry Essay Slaying dragons, fighting for honor, rescuing damsels-surely, these must make a knight.Georges Duby, in his work William Marshal:The Flower of Chivalry, challenges this stereotypical fairytale presumption by examining the demands and intricacy of the knights code of chivalry.This code, which played such an influential part in the choices made by the knights of old, still echoes in current customs. Completely immersed in the idea of chivalry from the earliest days of childhood, the demands of chivalry lived and breathed within each knight.Each story he heard, every song he sang emanated the rules of the ethic (86).Loyalty stood foremost among the requirements.A man was expected to keep his word, never betraying his sworn faith (86). But such an expectation was not always the truth, as the knight measured his loyalty according to a strict hierarchical framework (86). Should loyalties conflict, the knightfirst remained loyal to those closet to him politically.Faith owed to more distant allies proved rather flexible when eclipsed by stronger ties (86).With this hierarchical loyalty, no one could take offense at being displaced by a closer commitment (86). Stepping 800 years into the future, relations continue to emphasize the importance of loyalty.Siblings stand up and fight for each other.Husbands and wives take vows to remain loyal to each other.Sports players bond both on and off the practice field.All kinds of clubs, groups, and even gangs not only count on, but also depend on the loyalty of their members for survival.In addition to forming such personal loyalties, we as Americans weave ties to intangible elements.We swear allegiance to the American principle, rather than to an individual such as the President.We remain loyal to religious ideas instead of a particular priest or pastor.Through the adoption of these loyalties, our present society steps beyond the knight Chivalry Essay Example Chivalry Essay In the medieval period kings appointed knights, these knights pledged to follow the Code of Chivalry.I am lady Stephine of Blanchard; I have chosen a vow of courtesy for one week.Courtesy is one of the virtues of the knights Code of Chivalry. I have a sinecure part time job working at a local coffee shop.On Saturday one of my regular customers came in with a gravitas look of depression and dejection.I asked what the problem was and asked if I could help; trying to alleviate his problems, but the customer wouldnt reveal any details making me feel like I had only agitated the problem.He just said he felt like crawling into bed, pulling the sheets up over his head and staying there for a few years.I knew exactly how he felt. Before he left, I handed him a bag along with his coffee.He looked at me ambiguously because he hadnt ordered anything but coffee.He opened the bag and saw I had given him his favorite type of doughnut.Its on me, I told him prodigally.Have a nice day. My kind deed w as becoming perceptible as he smiled and thanked me before turning and heading out the door. As the days passed I had plenty of complaining customers, but anytime I felt depressed or frustrated, I thought back to the man from that day and how consequential kindness made his bad day so much brighter and its leavening brightens my day too. Wednesday I had to stop by Winn-Dixie on my way home to pick up a gallon of milk for my mom. As I was leaving the store I noticed a tenuous elderly woman attempting to push her shopping cart across the parking lot.The jovial woman was having immense trouble completing her task, so I sat my bag to the side and helped the lady and her shopping cart to the car.I would have been successful at completing my vow of courtesy by helping the lady except for the dissension when we reached the car, sitting in the drivers seat was a procrustean young woman

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i am a good guy

i am a good guy Station 1Station 1 Part 1 (10ml Graduated Cylinder)Trial 1Trial 2Trial 3Total mass60.61g60.8560.5Mass of 100ml Beaker52.2652.2752.10 0.01gVolume9.8010.009.90Trial 1Trial 2Trial 3Total mass60.25g61.0660.17Mass of 100ml Beaker50.0750.1351.00 0.01gVolume10.010.110.0Sample Calculation of Trial one with the 50ml graduated cylinTrial 1:Gross Mass: 60.35 Beaker Mass: 50.07Difference between mass: total mass- Beaker Mass = difference between mass60.2552.07= (60.35g-52.07g)(0.01g+0.01g)=10.1810.18Volume: 10.180.5ml=10.00.51% mlDensity = difference between Mass/Volume= (10.18/10.0)=1.0185.2%=1.02 (g/ml)Sample Calculation for Percentage Error:The density of water is 1g/mlDensity= Mass/VolumeActual Result: 0.8420.006(g/ml)The formula for calculating percentage error is (your result- accepted result)/accepted result.(1-0.847)/1*100%=15.3%Trial1Trial 2Trial3Observation #10.8520.8580.854Observation # Error:Trial1Trial 2Trial3Observation #114.8%14.2%14.6%Observation #22%8%8.3 %Station 2Trial 1Trial 2Trial 3Total mass (with Beaker)60.350.01_g61.090.01g _60.350.01gMass initial (dry 100mlbeaker)52.26 _0.01g_52.27 _0.01g52.100.01gVolume9.80 _0.05ml_10.000.05ml9.900.05mlTrial 1Trial 2Trial 3Total Mass63.260.0161.2500160.240.01Mass initial52.200.0152.070.0151.900.01Volume10ml10ml10mlSample Calculation:Volumetric Pipette Trial 1Density Calculation:Mass -Mass Initial = Net mass of waterSome Mixture Properties of Ethanol and Water de:Da...63.260.01g -52.200.01g=(63.26-52.20)(_0.01_+_0.01)_ _=11.06 _0.02_gmass of water / volume of water = density of water11.06g / 10ml= 1 g/mlLiquid Density = 1g/mlPercentage Error Calculation:(Real Value-Ideal Value)/Idea Value(1-1)/1=0DensityTrial 1Trial 2Trial 3Observation 10.8320.006g/ml_0.8820.006g/ml _0.8820.006g/ml _Observation 21g/ml1g/ml1g/mlStation 350ml ethanol100ml waterMass final40.9941.2041,1459.1659.2159.24Mass initial...

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Internal Controls Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Internal Controls - Assignment Example The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 was passed generally for the purpose of restoring investor trust and confidence. The demand of the government, investors and the American public sought a standard and guarantee on the accuracy of financial reports. So, Section 404 of the mentioned law was strictly devoted in requiring management to assess and report on the effectiveness of internal control over financial reporting or ICFR. Bergen (2005) reported that â€Å"the concerns through making executive more responsible for company accounting statements, redefining the relationships between corporations and their auditors, and restructuring the internal audit systems of public corporations.† Section 404 of Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 has also been experiencing issues regarding its implementation. The legislation of the law â€Å"has been subject to furious debate amongst corporations, auditors, regulators and others.† The internal control policy has cause extremely high costs especia lly for smaller companies and early results left the benefits unclear. A number of academic and professional researches have grown to support the lack of transparency in accounting and corporate governance is growing larger. The researches show the significant cost attached to the internal controls. One â€Å"concludes that corporations with Internal Control Deficiencies (ICDs) as defined by section 404 – companies which are naturally more susceptible to accounting irregularities – pay the price through higher cost of capital and lower stock price returns.† Ockree and Martin (2009) investigated on the internal and external impacts of the financial reporting requirements in internal control. Stock price was one of the external reactions their study had put focused on. In their study, stock prices were tracked for the three years following the announcement. They compared the data to a broader market measure of comparable companies. The results were surprising thou gh a bit expected; the average return for the study group during that period was only 1.68%, while the broader market had a 17.28% return. There was a higher rick in that period of relative growth. Ockree and Martin also studied the insiders who traded stock during 2007 to be able to measure the risk in that particular sector. Two years after the announcement, it was found that there were three times inside buyers than seller compared to the broader market. Further, the size of the insider’s sales was over eight times larger compared to the buys. With the effect of internal controls to the company’s stock price, we can say internal controls do have inherent limitations and the risk can’t easily be foreseen or eliminated. On the other hand, there is a risk of weakening internal controls if we modify the existing system. Internal controls can result to various limitations to the organization functionality and economy. Its limits can affect the effectiveness of int ernal controls and may result to system omission human factors, resource constraints, or lack of system flexibility. For example, internal control processes in an organization may not reflect changed operating conditions, specific agency activities or potential new risks. It can cause collusion of staff members to be able to achieve their own personal gains. And in

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ADHD and teacher knowledge Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

ADHD and teacher knowledge - Essay Example The most common of which is Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), or its derivative, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Such disorders cause students to be disruptive in class and behave in ways that would greatly affect teacher performance. This study is an attempt to investigate the current status of teachers knowledge of AD/HD? How does their knowledge impact their ability to work with their students? How does teacher efficacy relate to student outcomes? In reviewing the literature on teacher knowledge, it is hypothesized that teachers of regular children easily suspect inattentive and disruptive children as having ADHD. â€Å"Teacher ratings are often utilized because teachers have the opportunity to observe children in different school settings for long periods of time. One difficulty with utilizing teacher reports is that they tend to identify a higher proportion than the 3%–5% suggested in DSM–IV. For example, as many as 15% of the sample in one study would have been labeled ADHD by teachers (Weiler et al., 1999). Glass and Wegar also (2000) found that teachers identified 6% to 15% of students as having ADHD.† (Havey, Olson, McCormick and Cates, 2005). This paper likewise explores the reasons for such discrepancies. Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a behavioral disorder characterized by inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity (American Psychological Association. APA. 2000). It is complex syndrome of impairments related to the development of brain cognitive management systems or executive functions. It affects a person’s organization skills, concentration, focus and prolonged attention on a task, processing speed, short-term working memory and access recall, sustained motivation to work and the appropriate management of emotions. Brown (2007) has enumerated the executive functions of the brain that work together in various combinations as

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Experiences in real working environment

Experiences in real working environment Introduction One of the requirement parts of the course WORK-N352 at Sharjah Womens College, of work experience subject, which is under the supervision of Mr. Abbot Jason Haroon. This course provide us to experience work in real working environment which will give students the opportunity to develop good working experience, habits and practices that has been observed in real working environment which will enable students to transfer vocational skills that learnt at the college to the work placement. The report features altogether are in five major sections. Section one is about information about the Sharjah Economic Development Department. Section two is about work details. Section three is about success of the work experience. Section four is about areas for improvement and section five which is the conclusion. Finally, Most of the information in the report was from my own experience at Sharjah Economic Development Department and some particulars from SEDD website and interviewing employees as well. The course provides work experience in a real working environment. It will provide the student the opportunity to develop good work ethics, habits and practices observed in real work situations and will enable the student to transfer vocational skills learned at the college to the workplace. Information about the company Sharjah Economic Development Department is located in Sharjah in Al-Layya Area this is the head office and also it has four other branches in Al-Dhaid, Kalba, Khorfakkan and Dibba Al-Hisn. And all of them are located in Sharjah, but these branches have only one department which is registration and license department. Sharjah Economic Development Department is under Sharjah Government which means it is a public sector. The Department has about 600 employees and this number is increasing almost every day because new employees are being hired in the department. The department has twelve Directors and deputy directors, Ali Bin Salem Almahmoud is the General Director, Khaliid Saif Ibraheem is the Director of Registration and licensing Department also Fahad Ahmad Alkhhamiri is the sub-director for this department, Nawal Askar is Director of Economic and Public Relations Department and there is a Deputy Director as well. Amna Alhamady is the Deputy Director of Finance and Administration Department. Also, there is a Managing Director, Commercial Control and Protection Director, Legal Affairs Director, Information Technology Director, Client Service Director and Deputy Quality Control Director. (See Appendix 1) There are thirteen departments in SEDD, There are four main departments in SEDD which are License and Registration Department, Commercial Control and Protection Department, Economic Relation and Public Relations Department and Finance and Administrative Affairs Department. And the other nine departments are chairman office, consultants, internal censorship section, legal affairs section, quality and control section, committees specialists, executive secretarial, IT section and planning and statistics section. (See Appendix 1) The Department provides three major services which are Licensing Services which is for renewing and issuing license, Commercial Permits which is for sales and clearance, promotional campaigns, and advertising signs and Inspection Services and Business Control which is for irregularities inquiry, fee payment for irregularities and Scheduling appointments for Technical evaluation and Business Control which is for Irregularities Inquiryand Scheduling appointments for Technical evaluation Work details Sales and Promotion Section I spent my whole work placement period at sales and promotion section. This section gives sales permits for shops who want to make sales in a specific period, clearance permits, Promotional Campaign Permits which is granted in such cases such as special offers, testing campaigns, free disrupting and product promotion, Promotional Advertising Permits like flyers, brochures, cloth signs and multimedia CDs and Exhibition Permit for commercial purposes. My daily work was to check the newspapers for shops and companies that have published advertisement in daily newspapers so that we can check if they have already taken permission for publishing this advertising and if they have permission for making sales or offers if the advertisement was including them. Also, I contacted many shops and companies if they have not come and collect the spring festival posters or if they have raffles and chose the winner, they have to bring the original coupons and the winners ID or to pay out the amount of the prizes that the winners didnt collect them within 60 days period to the sales and promotion section. I used the system which records all information about all the shops that are in Sharjah and it shows each shop sales dates, clearance dates and Irregularities dates to record any new sale, clearance and Irregularities. During my work placement I used many skills for my job, I even used some skills that I never thought I will use them. I used some basic skills such as learning, listening, reading, speaking and writing skills almost every day. Beside of that I used monitoring skills to assess my performance to make any improvements in myself and take the correct action. I used social skills such as instructing to help the new customers to bring the right documents and why they are needed and I used negotiation and persuasion skills to make some customers change their minds that if they made sales during Sharjah spring festival it will be cheaper for them if they made it after the festival. I used to report to Miss Mona Qambar and Mrs. Mariam Saif, both them are service coordinators at Sales and Promotion section. But unfortunately Miss Mona has been shifted to another department by week 5. I didnt get any on-the-job training because im only a temporary trainee in SEDD so they just showed me how the daily and the monthly reports are done and what they do everyday. Arabic was the main language but English was used too but not as much as Arabic. English was used only with foreign customers while Arabic was used also between customers and between employees. In addition, all the reports and letters were written in Arabic I used many types of equipment at my work such as the telephone to communicate with the shops that didnt bring the original coupons for checking or to pay money for the prizes that has not been received by the winners. The printer was used to print reports and letters and fax as well. Also I used the computer to record information about shops. Beside of using the computer I used Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Microsoft Outlook. The word was used to write the monthly report. Whereas the excel was used to write the daily report and to calculate the amount collected for the day and PowerPoint to record the companies names, location and offers for the Sharjah Spring Festival and used to create the organizational chart for the Economic Relation and Public Relations Department and Microsoft Outlook was used to send and receive emails among employees. I have faced some problems in my work experience. One of the problems I had, when Mrs. Mariam was absent I was in here place and an angry customer came in because she gave him a notice because they published sales advertisement in the newspaper without getting a permit for that. I looked back in the files of shops that have been given notes and took out the one for his shop. When I looked back on the reason of the note that his shop was given, it appeared that they are making sales all around Emirates but the sales was only in Dubai, so he was supposed to write down in the advertisement that the sales are only in Dubai. He still was angry and he didnt believe. I went back to the brochure of Sales and Promotion section and showed him the conditions of making sales which says that he must specify where the sales is happening and in which branches and Emirates. He just turned red and apologized. As I am a fan of shopping, it is important for me to know when the sales days for my favourite shops are going to start. Besides I liked my colleagues and it was nice to work with them because they are always there to help each other if any of them is in a problem, I really felt that they were my family. Also, the daily work wasnt so hard and it was easy to understand. But there are things I hated in my work that sometimes I spent days without doing anything at all which was extremely boring and the employees also dont have any work at all that they get so bored. I asked them many times to transfer me to any section that might needs extra help but unfortunately no one want any help because they have enough trainees. successes of the work experience My manager and the other employees that I worked with treated me as I am one of them. They showed me how the work is done and watches me while im doing it until they make sure I can do it by my own. Briefly, they were so helpful and love to make others learn. the manager or whoever showed u how the work is done,, they treat me like am one of the real emplyees not a trainer I believe I was good and did well at calculations and report typing and being accurate in recording information in the system because my supervisor said to me usually we dont allow any trainees to use our system in recording any information because everything inside the system should be accurate and without any mistakes. There are some skills I gained from the college. One of these skills is taking the initiative. For example, when I completed my third week, I knew my daily job very well without going to the supervisor to tell me what im supposed to do and after I finish she give extra work if there is some work or she give me a one hour break to rest. Briefly, I was Self-starting rather than passively accepting the work. Taking the Initiative- I remember doing only what I needed to do to get by when I was in college. It was easy doing only what my professors required of me, and often, most students never learned to think for themselves. My boss now expects me to come up with ideas and unique solutions to problems, not just meeting the minimum standard. Strategic Planning- Though I learned study skills in college, I never had a clear plan or strategy for what I was doing or where I was going, other than completing my courses. In the business world, every outcome is measured, every result analyzed. I have learned to formulate strategic plans to accomplish my objectives so that I am more focused and productive. I have learnt a lot from the work experience I have attended over the last 8 weeks. I learnt the speed of the procedure while maintaining the accuracy, Building a database of personal customers especially next to the public database and Completion of a days work at the same time and not to give an opportunity for the accumulation of deferred work. Beside of the previous skills I gained new skills. Sometimes angry customers with no knowledge of Arabic or English come to me to finish their work but some time misunderstanding happens so what I learnt is to maintain calm to deal with others. areas for improvment Almost every two weeks, the Head Sales and Promotion Mr. Mohammed Bin Fares sets a meeting around 1:00 pm to discuss with the staff any problem that they have faced during these two weeks and they have to add recommendations at the end of the meeting. What the manager did that he announced about the meeting without telling me to join them, I was really sad because I really wanted to give them some ideas that might be useful for them. While I am there, I saw Miss Mona and Mr. Abdul-Aziz register the shops when they come to make sales or want to advertise. I told Miss Mona to let me do it for one day and it was difficult. For example, if any shop wanted to hang pictures on their windows as advertisement, I have to know how many windows and doors in this shop by meters and according that I have to calculate how much they have to pay for this advertisement which is I didnt get it until now. In my college Ive learnt how to be responsible and how to be in charge of many tasks. Also, Ive learnt how to manage my time between my personal time and my working time and do all what my the tasks that are given to me on me and submit them neatly. Ive learned in the university the responsibility and how to be in charge of many tasks. also ive learned how to manage my time and do all what given to me on time neatly I believe that the college didnt prepare us well for this work experience, well it might be but I think for the private sector not the public sector, because at the work experience I faced some difficulty at the beginning in writing Arabic reports and letters which I believe is extremely different than writing them in English and much harder. Now I know how to write Arabic reports and letters but I dont think as professional and neatly as the English. If I was an employee in Sharjah Economic Development I would participate more in sessions that are held by the department itself to improve myself. For example, there are sessions for communications, how to deal with customers and sessions of how to answer the phone. I believe these sessions are made for the fresh graduates and for new employees with no degree so they can learn what they might not learnt before. conclusion I would recommend this work experience for students and at the same time I wouldnt recommend it. I recommend it for students who would like to work in public sector, where they can see how the working environment there and prefer less working hours. While I dont recommend it for students who would like to work for public sector, because in public sector Arabic is wildly used which I think it would affect what they have studied at college and it will be difficult for them at the beginning. Another thing which I think it is most important, in public sector, employees dont ever work regarding their degree which I think it is a waste for all the years that they have studied. For example, in my working experience I wanted some accounting work and they said that the section is full, and then the lady there told me do you think tomorrow if you applied here you will work as an accountant? She said in our department most of the employees here got high degrees but they are working in different jobs than what they have studied. In the future I would like to work in this department or a similar department because im welling to work in any public sector as it has many advantages such as accommodating high market fluctuations and favourable work environment. In addition, the working hours in public sectors are very flexible which is very important to me as Im a mother, besides of that most of the public departments are near to my home so Im taking advantage of that. The work placement gave me a chance to apply some of my studies in the field. In addition, I experienced the real deal in applying my knowledge in work placement and how the real job is done also use my knowledge in solving some workplace problems using team techniques I studied. I strongly want to work in public sector and Im planning to work in any public sector. Briefly, in the future I want to be in a position where I can use my skills I have learnt and challenge my colleagues. I strongly want to work in public sector and im planning to work in any public sector. Briefly. in the future i want to be in a position were i can use my skills i learned and challange my colleges i;ve learned alot in this experince placement and ive experinced how the real job is don, and in the future i want to be in a position were i can use my skills i learned and challange my colleges It may mark a turning point or change to your way of thinking or acting in a particular way.

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Apology Paper

Apology Paper In the Apology by Plato, the scene is set up on the jury; Socrates is standing in front of his accusers, Meletus, Lycon and Anytus. He is defending for himself against the four charges brought by the accusers. Socrates is charged with inquiring the heaven and searching things beneath the earth, a Sophist, not believing the god of Athens, and corrupting the youth. Therefore, surrounding him was a group of wealthy young audiences. In the Apology, Socrates is defending for himself as well as prophesies to those who condemned him.Although Socrates died, but he never convicted of his charges; even at the last moment, he warns the condemners and accusers will soon be punished by his son. In my opinion, if I were on the jury, I would also find Socrates as not guilty. Socrates violates none of the four charges, and by his eloquence, he embarrassed his accuser in front of the public, especially the wealthy young group of people and leading the defense on the jury and trap the ac cuser. According to the four charges on Socrates, the first one is Physicist, which is inquiring in the heaven and searching for things beneath the earth.Socrates uses two points for his defense, the falsehood that Socrates is a Physicist and Aristophanes. In the Dialogue, â€Å"and took possession of your minds with their falsehoods† Socrates thinks that the jury is judging unjustly for his charge, for those people who are being told that he is a Physicist since child. By default, those people are tended to think of the Physicist side. The word â€Å"default† means the natural tendency of thinking him as a Physicist in the first place.Later in the dialogue, Socrates furthers his defense by using Aristophanes’ comedy as an example. Aristophanes, also known as the father of comedy, he has been said to recreate the life of ancient Athens more convincingly than anybody else. With such a great name being mentioned in front of the public, it is far more convincing th at Socrates is not in the charge of Physicist, since Socrates treats the charge as watching a comedy which tells nonsense theory. Therefore, Socrates on the jury claimed that Meletus could not charge him for that. O Athenians that I have nothing to do with these studies. † The above statement shows the denial of Socrates of being a Physicist, he did not inquiring the heavens and below the earth. In my opinions, Socrates is obviously not guilty for the charges. He never was a Physicist, and even if he is, he would have search for explanation of the God, and knowing the cause of some Myths and use scientific approach to find the answer. The most important fact about Physicist is that they don’t believe in God, they believe in evidences and proofs instead. But Socrates does believe in God.Besides, I found no sign of Socrates in doing anything scientific. Instead, he is trying to call out the people who he met are present here to witness the truth. The second charge against Socrates is he making the worse argument into the better argument, this charge identified Socrates with the Sophists, a Sophists is a tutor who charged for tutoring the youths for a career in politics by teaching them how to make a convincing arguments and travelled from city to city to teach the youth. If I were on the jury, I would give a vote for him for not guilty.First of all, Socrates in the dialogue seems to separate him from the Sophists group, he jokes about if he able to teach, he would honor his student to pay him. Later he quotes other great philosopher as his argument, he is honoring those great people have the knowledge to persuade the youth to leave their own citizens, with such privilege that is certainly worth some money. Also he told the story of Hipponicus’s son and the way he interprets is convinced that Socrates lacks any knowledge in teaching other people. â€Å"My poverty is a sufficient witness. Furthermore, Socrates is using his poverty level as a p roof and a strong argument against Sophist, yet if he is charging fee for exhortation, it would if brought him out of poverty and living in luxury. But throughout the dialogue, there are plenty of places where Socrates stated that he have no money, â€Å"But you see that I have none, and can only ask you to proportion the fine to my means. † If he have the money, he would if volunteer to make an offer for the proposal for the sentence, instead of keep saying he have no money.As a conclusion, Socrates never travelled nor charged people money and living the life of poverty. It is very hard for me to think of Socrates doing the same as the Sophist, therefore I would brought in a verdict of not guilty for Socrates. The third charge for Socrates is corrupting the youth, â€Å"what evil does he practic or teach? They do not know, and cannot tell. † Socrates introduced his defense but saying group of wealthy young men came across him and getting angry with him for finding out that they really know nothing and call him the misleader of youth.But they can’t even point out what particular thing that Socrates had corrupted them, his argument was how he corrupted the youth when nobody can tell what Socrates teach. Furthermore, Socrates uses his eloquent brilliantly to embarrass his accuser Meletus. Socrates brought out Meletus and constantly ask him question and set him up to step on the trap. The tricks that Socrates is trying to do is to make Meletus contradicts himself. From the point of the jury, I would say he is not guilty for corrupting the youth.On the jury, Socrates pretends that he is the corrupter and asks for the people who he have given them advice to be his accusers, then he followed by a long list of names that he come across with. Besides, Socrates uses the word â€Å"produce† to emphasize his argument that Meletus should have â€Å"produce† some of witness that Socrates had gave them bad advice and Socrates even voluntee r to make way them. Judging from this point, I certainly know that Socrates is telling the truth and he is confident that he is not corrupting the youth.Besides, I also think that the charge of corrupting the youth is linked with other charges, like the Sophist charge, the Sophist were very distrusted by Athenians, if Socrates is found guilty for Sophist, he is certainly corrupting the youth too, vice versa. Besides, the analogy of the training of the horse is a convincing point, yet the young men also require training by a skilled teacher, and most people cannot do it, unless those youth are same as the horses. Therefore, he is found not guilty for corrupting the youth.The last charge against Socrates is not believed in the god of Athens, this charge is probably a follow-up of the first charge, Physicist. If you do not believe in the god of Athens, than you must be worshipping other god, therefore, Socrates’ accusers think he is inquiring the heaven and searching for thing b eneath the earth. In order to defense against he, Socrates further asks Meletus question by interrogating him to what extent is mean by not the same gods which Athens recognizes. Later Socrates regards the sun as stone and doubt about if Meletus is accusing Anaxagoras instead. â€Å"You really think that I do not believe in any god? This quote clearly shows Socrates’ argument, as Socrates are being accused on the jury, he defend himself by questioning Meletus of not knowing his belief. Socrates’ horsemanship and flute-playing is definitely dubious for Meletus, as he did not answer the question but get up an interruption. For the judgment here, I would say Socrates is not guilty for not believing the god of Athens as he does believe in gods of Athens. In his defense, Socrates admitted that he do believe in divine beings, it must be spirits or demigod and he claims and make Meletus to say that Socrates is an atheist who believes in spiritual agencies and demigods.Socrat es here successfully lead his accuser to admit that he have made a false accuse and have made up one just for charging Socrates. Without a valid accuse, how can Socrates be found guilty of not believing in the god of Athens? And yet Socrates is believes in the god of Athens. To conclude, if I were on the jury, I would found Socrates not guilty for the four charges. Nevertheless, the jury never wanted Socrates to die; it is Socrates would fain lose his life. Truth is always the truth, if you endeavor to defense, someday you will success.

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Research Proposal on Obesity

About one in five American kids is overweight enough to be considered obese (Parr 45). Obesity being 20% or more overweight, is considered a disease because it is associated with so many health problems, like heart disease and diabetes. Being obese as a child usually leads into being obese through adulthood. â€Å"One third of adults are obese, and a third of these got that way in childhood† (Parr 53). That is why it is so important to keep kids from becoming overweight and to help obese kids lose weight. The increasing number of obese parents, technology, children having no supervision after school, and the unhealthy content of school lunches are to blame for the increasing number of overweight kids in the United States. A majority of the information used in writing this paper came from obesity source books, magazine articles, and websites devoted to helping children lose weight. Decades ago children would play tag, ride bikes, and participate in other outdoor after school activities following a nutritious snack prepared for them by one of their parents. Today, most children come home to an empty house, snack on any junk they can find, and watch television or play video games until their parents get home hours later. With no supervision, who can blame them? The foods offered at schools have changed as well. Candy, chips, and soda are a favorite of most children when eating their school lunch. Vending machines are now in most cafeterias today too, making it even easier for children to snack before and after lunch. America is one of the most overweight populations in the world, and we all wonder why. The following paper examines the root causes of this public health problem, answers the question of â€Å"why†, and offers possible solutions, to this crisis. Society as a whole is more overweight than ever before, causing their poor eating and exercising habits to be passed down onto their children. Of course genetics plays a part in some cases of obesity children, but for the most part, it is really more an issue of the habits that kids pick up from their parents. If both parents are obese, their child has an 80% chance of being obese, if one parent is obese, their child has a 40% chance of being obese, and if neither parent is obese, their child has only a 5% chance of being obese† (Bray 68). Shared family behaviors such as eating and activity habits influence a childs body weight. When a child sees their mom or dad eating unhealthy foods all the time, and snacking throughout the day, that child will get used to that eating pattern and follow in the footsteps of their parents. Overweight parents also tend to cook high calorie foods and order out more than thinner parents. This is bad because not only does that child eat foods high in fat throughout their whole childhood, but they also pick up the high-fat style of cooking as well. If a parent is overweight, it might not be as huge of a priority for them to get their child into shape. Even if it is, the extent to which they can exercise with them is limited. It is a key factor when your child is overweight to get them active as well as to cut down the amount of fat in their diet. But you must carefully cut down the fat in their diet. Reducing fat is a good way to cut calories without depriving your child of nutrients. Simple ways to cut the fat in your family’s diet include eating low-fat or even better, non-fat dairy products, poultry without the skin, and lean meats, and low-fat or fat-free breads and cereals. Making small changes to your family’s diet is a good, healthy way to help your child lose weight. It is also good to involve your child in food shopping and preparing meals. This teaches children about nutrition, and gives them a feeling of accomplishment. Physical education is only part of the solution. â€Å"Just as parents reinforce good reading habits, they also should encourage their children to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives† according to Judy Young, executive director of NASPE. The national Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) in Reston, Va. , recently issued guidelines recommending that children ages six to eleven exercise a minimum of thirty to sixty minutes per day. The problem with this is that in today’s lifestyle, it is the norm for both parents to have careers and work full time. This means that they’re children will come home to an empty house after school. Our society consists of households where both parents work and their children are left to fend for and feed themselves after school. According to a new Urban Institute report, â€Å"An estimated four million grade-school age children are regularly without adult supervision. â€Å" Another shocking fact is that in California, six percent of 6-9 year olds and thirty two percent of 10 – 12 year olds average five hours unsupervised each week, or with a sibling under the age of 13. Research shows that children who spend a lot of time alone are more likely to have social and academic problems (HHS Press Office). When children come home from school the first thing on their agenda is food. What does the normal everyday child reach for when mom and dad aren’t around? A nutritious snack, or the cookie jar and a bag of Doritos. Marvin Moss, Capital-Journal columnist, states that â€Å"To many of you, This may not seem like a major event, but put yourself in a kid’s shoes. â€Å" â€Å"I know when mine come home from school, the first thing they want is food. â€Å" â€Å"I call their after school eating habit pre-dinner. â€Å"If one of us parents wasn’t home when they arrived home from school, how would they be made to eat a healthy pre-diner snack? â€Å" Snacks take up most of the calories in children’s diets and lead to them becoming overweight. â€Å"Total daily intake from snacks among children has risen from an average of 450 to 600 in the last two decades† ,according to researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. While some snacks are healthy for children and give them nutrients and energy, most snacks are usually a source of high-calorie, low-nutrient foods like soda, potato chips, and cookies. After they have picked out their snack, they go for the television and sit on the couch while all of their favorite shows come on. Its either the television or the computer or multiple video games. There are so many alternative choices for kids nowadays other than physical activities. There is always a new video game or an upgraded computer toy, and not to mention all of the new shows that come out every season. Along with the hundreds of shows that kids watch after school come the numerous food commercials advertising pizza, soda, and candy making kids minds turn to food yet again. Technology has advanced so much in the last few decades coming out with many new high-tech, entertaining things for kids to play with. All of the new technology is fascinating, but is it a coincidence that America’s weight problem is expanding along side all the new technology coming out? NO. It is no coincidence. â€Å"In America, kids spend an average of 21 hours per week in front of the television, and if a child adds 5 hours to that per week, he or she is ten percent more likely to become obese† (Parr 97). Children are larger because American life has changed. More children sit in front of video monitors than on bicycles or playing sports. According to a Nielsen Media Research Report, â€Å"Aside from the time kids spend watching television ,they spend another three to four hours daily with the internet and video games† (Karas 47). According to The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Center for Health Statistics, in 1999 over 9 million –or 15 percent– of American children and adolescents between the ages of 6 and 18 were overweight, or triple what the percentage was in 1990† (Parenting Today ). This problem is going to continue to rise over the years if our country doesn’t put more effort into stopping it. Leaving your child unattended after school and during the summer is a factor not as harmless as everyone thought. Lois Salsbury, president of Children Now, states that â€Å"While the United States has restructured its economy, analysis of the impact on working families is still in its infancy. † â€Å"Hundreds of thousands of children are spending time alone. † â€Å"Is this what we want in terms of safety and developing our children? † Our nation is developing as our parenting skills are deteriorating. We want so much to be wealthy and powerful that we neglect to realize what it is doing to our children. Parents need to realize what is happening to their children and gain control over what their kids eat and how much time they spend sitting around if this problem is going to be reversed. Another area that needs focusing on is the food available for kids to buy while at school. U. S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona, has declared childhood obesity a national epidemic (Mayer 23). The Oakland School District banned the sale of sugary drinks and candy in vending machines. The Los Angeles Unified School District, the second largest in the country, followed several weeks later (27). School lunches are not meeting up to the nutritious standards that they should. Vending machines are in almost every elementary school offering kids the opportunity to eat candy, chips, and soda at any time of the school day. The lunches offered usually have one healthy meal and the rest consist of things like pizza, cheese steaks, and mozzarella sticks. Is this what we want our kids eating all day? Legislators introduced several bills aimed at eefing up physical education requirements and fixing up school lunch programs. Gov. Gray Davis signed a bill in October that prohibits the sale of junk food in elementary schools and bans soda at middle schools (32). This needs to be done everywhere. There is no questions that school meal programs have a powerful influence on children’s future food choices. † More than half of youth in the United States eat one to three major meals in school† (Owl 27). Adequate nutrition throughout the day plays an important performance at school and enables children to make wise choices when eating. Kids who go hungry or are only allowed a hurried meal through the morning or afternoon are likely to arrive at home after school extremely hungry. This can lead to overeating particularly high-fat, easy to prepare snack foods. This pattern of behavior is difficult to change and can lead to obesity. â€Å"Providing healthy meals at a pleasant environment at school is an important part of obesity preventionâ€Å" (29). Many school lunch programs offer fast food as an alternative. Limit your childs participation in unhealthy school lunch programs. Parents should ban together and speak with their school boards about improving school lunch programs. School districts should remove the vending machines from their schools and make the lunches offered healthier. So much money is spent every year on obesity programs for children and all that money could be saved if schools would just do their part in solving the problem. â€Å"There is no more compelling reminder of the health implications than the $127 million spent each year in hospital costs related to childhood obesityâ€Å", according to the Centers for Disease control and Prevention. Some things are being done to start solving the problem but not enough. If everyone works together this battle can be overcome. The increasing number of obese parents, technology, unsupervised children after school, and unhealthy school lunches are to blame for the increasing number of overweight kids in the United States. These factors can all be helped and prevented. This problem must be fixed before it gets worse. Our nation must united and work together for the sake and well being of our children.